Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy 1. Advent to all of you!

Have a lovely day ... light a candle ... enjoy the peace ... read a good book ... play a game with your family ... get creative!

This year we don't have an advent calendar like we had last year, I'm sorry. I hope however we'll still be able to make it a little christmassy for you.

Christmas candle earrings by Geschmückt und Zugeknöpft

Magic candle holder by Jochens Elch-O-Thek

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Baking for the holiday season

Check it out!

Christmas Shopping… without Stress!

Christmas is almost here! Did you start thinking about your Christmas shopping? Well, don´t panic, just follow these tips and you’ll have your gifts bought in a blink of an eye, without the stress, the confusion, the screaming kids asking for everything they see, and in the end, without the headache and the hurting feet! You’ll be comfortably seated on your sofa, with a cup of tea, relaxing!

First: Put your favourite music playing (the one the leaves in a good mood!), and put on your comfy slippers.

Second: Grab a pen and a paper and start making a list with the names of the persons you’ll be buying gifts.

Third: Turn on your computer, go to the web, and start your Christmas shopping!

Bellow I give you a list of some wonderful shops, so you won’t have to search through the entire web. Prepare yourself to enter in a quite and relaxed Shopping Mall.

Our Shopping Mall:




Done all your shopping?
Now, you just have to seat back and enjoy the rest of the day doing what you like most. The mailman will be arriving with all you gifts within a few days.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Quote of the week

I think it's really important to use your hands and get close to materials. To be up close to real things like rain and mud; to have contact with nature.

Robin Day, British journalist, 1923 - 2000 

Thursday, 6 October 2011


It's October, no doubt. Although ... the weather feels more like summer at the moment. But the leaves start changing colors, that's a pretty reliable sign. The year went by so fast, don't you think? A little over three more weeks and it'll be Halloween.
I first learned about Halloween from a Mary Poppins book as a child and I was so jealous because it wasn't celebrated in Germany. In the countryside there used to be something similar, only there were turnips used instead of pumpkins. Now I didn't know too much about pumpkins anyway except that my grandmother made them kind of sweet and sour which I absolutely hated. Today I love pumpkin soup - even if I'm not a great cook I make a pretty decent one - and if I can ever get around to making it - even being a worse baker than a cook - I'll show you the pumpkin-coconut cake for which I got the recipe from a friend. So yummy.

Ok, let's celebrate the pumpkin first, shall we? We don't even have to sit in a patch and wait for it!
I brought you some sweet (not sweet and sour! ;-)) pumpkin items from all over Europe and I very much hope you'll enjoy.

Felt pumpkins by Filzkreis

Pumpkins 3 - watercolor ACEO by Tweeart

Tiny pumpkin sculpture by Sielukka

Pumpkin lampwork beads by Maya-Honey lampwork

Amigurumi pumpkin by Phooka

And now pumpkin soup for non-cooks like me:
- a pumpkin (butternut, Hokkaido, whatever you like unless it's a decorative pumpkin ;-)), cut up in small cubes
- potatoes, cut up in small cubes
- cut onions
- vegetable broth or just water
- salt, pepper, nutmeg, paprika, cayenne ... experiment, it's what I do
- milk or cream if wanted

Start with roasting the onions in a big pot, then add the pumpkin and potatoes (don't worry about the cubes, that's just to give you an idea how to cut them). Mix and then add the broth or water and the spices. More water, more soupy ... less water, more mushy.
Let that cook/simmer for about 25 minutes, then check on your cubes. You think they are done? Then it's time to get tough and to mash them. More or less, that depends on how chunky you want it to stay. Add a little milk or cream if you like that.
Of course you can also add meat or sausage or whatever you like. I'm a vegetarian, so that's no option for me. What I do is I take some mozzarella, cut it up, put it into my bowl and then add the soup which will make the mozzarella melt while I'm eating.
Oh dear. Now I'm hungry. I still have half a pumpkin in the fridge .......

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My new Magazine Seat ...

Do you have old magazines that you don't read anymore? Don't throw them away!
I recently found on the internet a wonderful idea for a seat made ​​from old magazines, two belts, and a small pillow. The instant I saw it I
immediately loved it, and went to get my old magazines that were already in a bag to go to recycling, two old belts, and a small pillow that I never knew what to do with it because it's so small! Here's the result:

What do you think of it? Flappy also loved it, and of course, he had to be the first one seating on my new Magazine Seat!

Flappy said "More than approved!"

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Best of Europe Handmade - Here comes Autumn!

It's one of my favourite times of year at the moment - the beginning of Autumn, when there is still some warm sunshine, the leaves are a mixture of colours, the ground is coloured with mushrooms and toadstools, and the air smells rich and earthy. So I have been inspired by the fabulous colours and textures of the season to put together my first treasury on Etsy, featuring sellers from Europe. I hope you enjoy it!

















Sunday, 11 September 2011

Quote of the week

Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, writer, scientist, philosopher, printer and inventor, 1706 - 1790

So sceptical, Mr Franklin? ;-)

Book of secrets #1 by Ignis Fatuus


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