Sunday, 20 June 2010

Artfire problems for European people

Some of our sellers have been experiencing problems with reaching the artfire website or can't reach it at all, we think that must be the case for some potential buyers as well. Although it's difficult to work with people who can't even reach the domain the artfire staff has been trying to find the problem for us, however much they would want to they can't fix this for us. Here is a message posted on the forums yesterday, I'm publishing it here for those who can't get there:

I have been researching the problems folks are having in Europe getting to I think we have found the root cause - but it is pretty technical so bear with me.

First an Internet lesson.

When you type in a web address you are really typing in a look up request for a number. Think of it like a phone book. You type in "Mr. Jones" but the phone has to call a phone number.

The same thing happens online.

You type in but your computer really has to go to our IP address which is a number.

Now - if you call our number a lot your computer stores the number on your personal "phone book" but it checks the number every 20 hours or so.

To check it - it asks your ISP (Internet service provider) to look at its "phone book". The ISP checks to see if it has the number. If it does not (like the first time you go to the ISP calls a DNS (Domain Name Server) root server or hub. Think of that like a master phone book.

Now on to the problem

The European Hubs have changed the way phone numbers are written in the book. They did this because in some cases criminals could break into the phone book and rewrite the numbers. This was a way to steal money because they could make you think you were calling your bank when in fact you were calling them.

This hack was called DNS poisoning.

You can read about this change and the problems it causes here.

IF your ISP does not have the ability or has not made the adjustments to properly resolve this new "phone number" (DNS), you can't get to some websites . . . in this case

You can test this by clicking on the "phone number" for ArtFire above. While you will be able to get to ArtFire - you will not see images because those are still fed from a DNS resolver. If that is the case . . .

Here is what you need to do.

1) Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) - the people who sell you your modem or internet access.

2) Ask to talk to tech support.

3) Tell them their DNS resolver is not working for Give them the IP address

4) Tell them you suspect it may be due to the new DNSSEC protocol change on the DNS root servers.

5) Ask them to test for this and fix the issue or issue a refund for your interrupted service.

Expect them to not know what you are talking about or not believe you.

They are the only ones who can fix this. If you read the article you will find that it is the ISP that must properly resolve the new DNS protocol. We can do nothing on our end.


Please forward this to everyone you know has these problems, If you decide to contact your ISP hold firm, they will try to blame it on other things first and if you get a solution please let us know!


  1. Tweeted and posted on Facebook!

  2. I've just posted a link to this post on the Folksy forum as some sellers there who are also on Artfire posted yesterday about having problems.

    The weird thing is I can get on to Artfire ok (I'm with supanet). Whether supanet haven't changed anything yet and I find I have a problem in the next few days remains to be seen!

  3. You probably won't if you haven't already

  4. Mine seem to work ok too. But it's great that you posted that, I didn't know how that worked! :D
    I'll put it on FB too.



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